If you would like to support this ministry electronically, at the top of the page is a button to contribute through PayPal. If you would like to set up a recurring draft, please contact us via email. 

Donations and Support

Bible Passages is a work of the church and is therefore dependent upon the kindness and generosity of freewill offerings given by concerned individuals and congregations.  Dripping Springs church of Christ, and Bear Valley Bible Institute International will be sharing a portion of the financial burden but the majority of the annual donations needed will have to be acquired through a fund-raising process. If it were not for the goodness of God and the support and benevolence of dedicated Christians, this ministry would not be possible.

Process for Contributing Congregations

For budgeting purposes, we  are hoping that contributors will be willing to complete a brief pledge form/document (attached) so that our financial team will have a better understanding of the desired method of disbursement for each individual contributor, as well as to properly understand the overall financial situation.   Some prefer to make their contributions as a lump sum while others choose to disburse their funds on a monthly basis. The pledge document will also help us to properly account for all donations, and to eliminate any potential misunderstandings or possible shortfalls.

Collections and Disbursements

Similar to the Apostle Paul’s arrangement with the church at Philippi and his work in Macedonia, the Dripping Springs church of Christ has agreed to be our overseeing congregation in the matter of giving and receiving, and to monitor our progress and work. Apart from the congregation’s regular finances, the Dripping Springs church of Christ will open a separate checking account to manage the collections and disbursements of all funds associated with Bible Passages. Neither John or Carla Moore, nor any other family member will have access to the account. All funds for Bible Passages will be received and disbursed by a team consisting of at least one elder and one deacon from the Dripping Springs congregation. Monthly salary disbursements and reimbursements will be made by this team who will likewise furnish a quarterly financial report to the entirety of the Dripping Springs eldership.

All donations are to be made payable to the Dripping Springs church of Christ with the following notation in the memo section of the check: Bible Passage Ministry. All donations are to be mailed with the following title and address:

                                               Dripping Springs Church of Christ

                                               Bible Passage Ministry

                                               P.O. Box 1

                                               Dripping Springs, Texas 78620


 Because Bible Passages is a work of the church, all contributions are tax deductible. 


                   To say that I am excited at the tremendous prospects for good as John and                            Carla Moore embark in their new Bible Passages Ministry is an understatement!                    I pray that interested individuals and congregations everywhere will help them through prayer and financial support; this ministry can make such an impact in so many ways for the cause of Christ! With John's great God-given abilities all being used to the glory of Jesus in preacher training, edifying the church, defending the faith, working with World Video Bible School and leading life transforming tours of the Bible lands, it would be difficult indeed to make a wiser investment in kingdom work. In Carla, John has a wonderful and extremely capable wife, and she blesses all John's work greatly. Please DO consider helping with this incredible opportunity - you will be making a real difference for Christ's sake!"

                                                                                                                   Mike Vestal