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The Bible story and its message of salvation are rooted in a historic and geographic setting – a real time and a real place in history. To better understand that setting is to better understand the Biblical story.

Bible Land Passages is dedicated to helping others to better understand and appreciate the Bible, and thereby deepen their faith in the sacred text and in the God who gave us the Bible.  We want everyone to know that when they read about places like Beersheba, Jericho, Jerusalem, Caesarea, and cities surrounding the Sea of Galilee, that those places exist just as the Bible describes.

But Bible Land Passages is more than just about defending Christianity and its historical roots, we are also dedicated to examining and showcasing the lands of the Bible and its environs because they provide for us a window into the ancient past. By sifting through the archaeological data, by traveling down the pathways of the Bible lands and by traversing through the passages of its ancient cities, trade routes, and caves we come to not only better understand and appreciate the challenges of life faced by our religious forbearers, but we also come to see how God used the historical and geographic setting of the Bible lands to refine and develop their faith. 

Those same real places and same real settings - when examined in our modern era - can likewise become a passage for us in developing greater faith and devotion for God.  Bible Land Passages is therefore all about helping connect people to God and encouraging others in their own personal walk of faith.

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