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Bible Land Passages Studies, Tours, and Expeditions (Passages) is a non-profit ministry designed to serve the travel and educational needs of members of the churches of Christ (and their friends and relatives) who wish to travel to the Bible Lands. We are a group of volunteer Christians committed to glorifying Christ and edifying others through the power of the gospel. Our aim is to help others grow in their relationship with Christ while assisting them in their understanding and appreciation of the historical and geographical settings and background of the Bible. Our objectives are as follows:


To Edify – We believe that a tour and study of the Bible Lands is unique, exciting, and encouraging.  Walking in the steps of the great heroes of faith identified in scripture is both educational and transformative.  Examining the evidence and experiencing the reality of the Bible lands will prove to be uplifting and rewarding.


To Aid the Believer    

G. Ernest Wright wrote, “Geography, history, and religion are so inextricably bound together in it [the Bible] that the religious message cannot be truly understood without attention to the setting and conditions of the revelation.” (Westminster Bible Atlas). Passage Studies, Tours, and Expeditions will present helpful insights and information to enlighten participants about the historical, cultural, and geographical settings of the Bible stories and precepts. Both written text and video, as well as on-site study presented in this program, will help bring the Bible to life, as well as serve as a springboard for personal development and spiritual growth.

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