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Bible Passage Ministries

Searching for Truth Video


John is the writer and director of Searching for Truth. Made available to anyone for free, it answers questions like, "What happens when we die?" and "Is there life after death?" Since time began, human beings have been asking those questions and searching for answers—searching for truth. Access these free resources here.

Searching for Truth Book

2009 SFT English book low-rez.JPG

The book Searching for Truth was written by John W. Moore and contains both the text from the Searching for Truth video series along with additional content, study questions, illustrations and photographs. This full color, 114-page 8.5  by 11-inch book, study guide and workbook is excellent for personal study or use in the classroom. It was designed to compliment the SFT video series and to be used as an evangelism and edification tool. Available in several languages. Hard copies of this book can be purchased at World Video Bible school for an extremely affordable price  or can be read on-line here.

Bible Land Documentaries

The Bible story and its message of salvation are connected to a real place and in a real time in history. Its reliability and credibility are, therefore, dependent upon evidence that corroborates its claims.  The Bible Land Passages project is dedicated to showcasing those historical facts through powerful video segments that teach faith lessons from the Bible lands. View online here or purchase here through WVBS.

Bear Valley Bible Institute International

Since 1965, Bear Valley has worked to accomplish the commission of 2 Timothy 2:2 - entrusting the pattern of sound teaching in the gospel to faithful men who will then in turn be equipped to teach others. While the scope of our work has expanded, we have never lost sight of that fundamental mission. Read more ​here on their website.

Bible Land Studies Program and Tours

Bible Passages Tours Logo.png

Bible Land Passages Studies, Tours, and Expeditions is a non-profit ministry designed to serve the travel and educational needs of members of the churches of Christ (and their friends and relatives) who wish to travel to the Bible Lands. We are a group of volunteer Christians committed to glorifying Christ and edifying others through the power of the gospel. Our aim is to help others grow in their relationship with Christ while assisting them in their understanding and appreciation of the historical and geographical settings and background of the Bible. Read more ​here.

World Video Bible School

World Video Bible School makes teaching and evangelism materials worldwide for the church’s use. We are committed to producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material through video, audio, and written works. See their website ​here

"Traveling the Road of Marriage" Seminars

Marriage Retreat Booklet - Hochdorf Form

In many ways marriage is similar to a journey. The quest to enjoy the ride can bring its own unique set of challenges.  Various elements tend to impede progress. Valleys and hills are often encountered. The vehicle needs constant refueling. Yet, many couples are making the trip with great enjoyment. Their journey has taken them down many different highways, but overall their trip was filled with fun and wonderful experiences. Read more here

World Missions

Messages Image(2579213796).jpeg

World Missions - Ministering to churches and evangelizing the lost around the world is an important part of our mission. Similar to the plan revealed in the book of Acts, we believe it is essential to strengthen churches (Acts 15:41). By spending quality time with congregations, working in their Bible schools, and conducting gospel meetings, we are seeking to fulfill the commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. As opportunities arise, we have determined to work on an itinerate basis with congregations in Singapore, Israel, and England. Our most recent endeavors involved a month-long stay working in both Singapore and Malaysia. Plans for Brandon, England were been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christian Woman Magazine


Carla serves as a columnist for Gospel Advocate's Christian Woman magazine, writing a "Bible Landmark" article for each issue. She covers a different Bible location with lessons learned at each site. The magazine is written by and for Christian women, full of uplifting articles, encouraging profiles, and practical advice. An 8-lesson pullout Bible study is included in the center of each issue. To subscribe, visit this website or call 1-800-251-8446.

Excel Still More

E_S_M_ LOGO EX_ #1.webp

Carla writes a column called "ExcelHer In Lessons From The Lands." Check out the column here!

Looking Up with Kathy and Carla


Carla is one of the Hosts of Looking Up. It is a podcast for Christian women. Listen in as Carla Moore, and Kathy Pollard do their best to bring goodness and light to your days! Colossians 3:1-2

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